MarketDNA identifies trading that is
occurring based on inefficiencies in
dissemination of information which
has been substantiated in a white
paper published by two professors,
one from MIT and the other from the
University of Illinois. The study titled
The Information in Option Volume
for Future Stock Prices (Click link to
see study
) concluded that above
average returns (50%+) could be
obtained over a historical 11 year
span with the exact research that  
MarketDNA brings to you.
  • Trades previously unidentifiable
  • "Smart Money" - Informed Trades
  • Short term Alpha
  • Actionable, disciplined trades
  • 5 to 10 equity, derivative, index or
    ETF trades per month.
  • Timely updates on all open alerts.
  • 15 years of investing, analysis
    and research experience.
Variances in option volume can be a predictor of Smart Money trading but alone will not
give you enough accuracy to make money.  
MarketDNA takes the unusual option volume
further through our proprietary system of filters refined over 15 years, proven to bring you
substantially higher returns.

MarketDNA uses actual derivative volume and open interest trading to serve as the
basis for potential events that effect pricing in a particular equity, ETF or index positively
or negatively. Once these opportunities are identified, more than 100 filters are applied
to remove false indicators, excess noise, hedging and any other trading strategies that
might be responsible for the initial flags. What is left is a stock/index/ETF that has the
ability to move 10% to 300+% in the matter of 1 to 17 business days with a historical
83+% accuracy rate in determining equity direction..
MarketDNA is an Independent Investment Research Boutique that offers it's products to
Traders, Hedge Funds, Proprietary Trading Desks, Large Investment Banks, Broker
Dealers & Individual Traders.  

We offer our research products to help create visibility into trades that are not easily
identifiable by everyone in order to allow for a more efficient market.  Our products allow
traders to add Alpha with a dual advocacy approach.  
MarketDNA Independent Investment Research
MarketDNA Methodology
Using a buy or sell recommendation in every alert, our research has been directionally
accurate 83+% of the time. Clients who have followed these recommendations would
have excessive returns over many benchmarks, including; S&P, HFR Event Driven,
CFSB.Tremont, MSCI BarraDirectional Trading Index & MSCI Barra Security Selection

Even more impressive is
MarketDNA seeing results on Large-Cap equities, Mid Cap &
Small-Cap equities.
MarketDNA Dual Advocacy Approach
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                     MarketDNA discovers trading that is occurring based on
                     inefficiencies in dissemination of information.
It is our process; the model, our filtering and our extensive fundamental research
that differentiates Market
DNA from other independent research providers.
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